meet your photographer

Hey! my name is Lindsey... Originally an Annapolitan (Annapolis, MD) and a transplant to the Augusta area. I am a mother - to both a two legged human, and a four legged human trapped inside of a dog. I am a lover of all things that make us feel beautiful and powerful. Addicted to Folgers instant coffee because it reminds me of my Dad. I love tattoos, naps, big ass earrings, books, and binge watching a variety of things. I also curse, a lot.

I started my boudoir journey when I felt at my lowest... I learned that the truth is, we are enough - right now... we are enough today, we were enough yesterday. We have always been enough. Though sometimes we don't feel that way, and in those times, we need a reminder.

My goal is to show you what I see through my lens, who you truly are, how gorgeous you are on the outside which matches the beauty on the inside. I'm here to show you how badass you truly are!