Where are you located?

We are located in the suburbs of Augusta; however, work with many different studio locations to provide options throughout the state of Georgia.

Do you require a session fee?

Yes, there is a $500 session fee that is required to book your session (it can be split into two payments), it a pre-session consultation, studio use at Peach Boudoir or other location, professional hair & makeup, wardrobe styling, session itself, posing and expressions coaching as well as up to two hour private in-person reveal.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Absolutely! A boudoir session is an investment and often times that warrants a payment plan of sorts to ensure that you get what you truly want from your session, and aren't left feeling like you want more.
I offer pre-payment plans, in which we determine which package you'd like to go with prior to your session and set up a payment plan. This package can be upgraded at your viewing session! Any additional cost will be due at that time payable via cash, or credit card. Once the pre-payments are completed, your session takes place and we begin the design and ordering of your products. Prints will be to you in around 2 weeks, while albums and boxes can take upwards of 3-4 weeks. *Rush orders are available.

There's nothing worse than having your session and having to wait months and months to see the final product - because you're amidst a post-payment plan.

How do I know this is right for me?

The fact of the matter is, boudoir is for everyone! If you are a woman who wishes to love herself well, this is absolutely for you! You should book your session for you - that's the most important part-that you want rediscover your beauty. Often times these sessions are a gift, which is totally amazing-but it needs to be something that comes from your heart and desires for you, too! Your race, height, weight, age, or any other circumstance - none of it matters! You are absolutely gorgeous as you are! (Stop rolling your eyes, it's true!)

I'm shy, will i look nervous in my photos?

Boudoir is such an empowering experience, it builds so much confidence in those that partake in it. Of course trying something new naturally makes most a bit nervous, and that's okay! You're not doing it alone, you have me - I'm here to help you through the experience, pose you, help you relax and coach you through the session. I adore boudoir, so I hope that you'll feed off of my enthusiasm during the session... though, if you like champagne - we'll have some for you and that helps, too!

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